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I provide print and audio content.

Ed Robertson covers entertainment for print, online and broadcast media. He also ghostwrites and edits books (covering many genres), and hosts, produces and distributes a weekly radio program.

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Reel Life With Jane

New on DVD: ‘Cop Rock’ from Shout! Factory

Forget about the music. In many respects, Cop Rock is Steven Bochco at his best.

The New York Times

Do We Need Network TV?

As TV programming splinters to appeal to thinner slices of the audience, what replaces that communal experience?...

The wave warburton 1 article

No Puddy's Fool

Q&A with actor Patrick Warburton.

The wave fog city article

Fog City Mavericks

How the Bay Area inspired Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and other pioneers to change movie history.

The wave emerson article

All About the Benjamin

Q&A with Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Emerson.

The wave vol 8 issue 18 article

The Wave Magazine - Volume 08, Issue 18: August 27 - September 9, 2008 by The Wave Magazine - issuu

A rundown of the fall TV season, where "new" this year is relative. This piece was recognized for General Excellence by the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards.

Topleft article
media life magazine

'Gilligan's Island' as, well, literature

Yes, when you think about it, 'Gilligan’s Island” is literature in the truest sense of the word. It is that simply because it has survived, despite the critics and despite the uppitiness of TV executives who thought they knew better. It has survived as literature, if light literature, in the minds of the people who matter, TV viewers.

Topleft article
media life magazine

What It Takes for a Successful Spinoff

Pulling a 'CSI.' Many try, few make it. Here's why.

The wave oscar hosts article

It's Not About You

Good Oscar hosts keep their egos in check.

Topleft article
media life magazine

How TV Has Changed Over 40 Years

It's a vastly different medium, so let debate rage

The wave vol 8 issue 21 pixar article

Pixar is Its People

New film takes viewers inside the animation company that made going to work fun.

The wave vol 8 issue 15 batman article

Batman from A to Z

A look at the actors who have donned the Batsuit.

The wave copeland article

Standing His Ground

Brian Copeland finds humor while reliving the pain of isolation in Not a Genuine Black Man.

Topleft article
media life magazine

A Bold Defense of the Oft-Dissed Rerun

Fact is, they often do better than original shows

The wave vol 8 issue 2 idol article

Idol Chatter

Q&A with former Gavin Report music editor Dave Sholin on this year's American Idol.